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Park House benefits from a comprehensive range of Communications Facilities provided on a flexible basis to allow you to chose the solution that suits your business best at highly competitive rates.


Fully featured digital phone system with extensions in every office.
Personalised telephone answering in your Company Name.
Digital handsets on each desk with programmable features such as conference call, call divert, speedcall lists, group pick-up etc..
Choice of telephone configuration for a range of applications for example multiple call handling on each handset - adapted to your requirements.
Flexible call redirection facilities allowing you to re-direct your calls as required to either our VoiceMail facilities, Reception answering , your own office, or to a remote location (including your mobile) as required.
Ability to connect your own lines to the Park House switchboard or directly into your office.
Analogue extensions available in every office for fax or modem use as required.

Park House recognises the importance of fast reliable internet access in today’s business environment. We feel this is best accomplished by giving clients the full flexibility to chose the internet access option most appropriate to their business.

We have a 50 Mbps Leased Line offering very fast uncontended symmetric internet access.

The options available at Park House are:-

A hard-wired direct connection to our Leased Line capable of supporting secure dedicated LANs with Public IPs available as well as VPN support.
Access to ParkNet, our low cost Wi-Fi network which provides instant internet access seamlessly throughout the building.


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